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Independent Film and Video Production at it's FINEST!

McCure Films is a boutique film company that delivers a big punch!

We are a full service production company from the start of an idea to the final delievery. We handle all of your production and post production needs big or small budget!  

We specialize in making smaller budgets have a BIG budget look!  

Award winning productions include: "Love Betty White" and "Trance" and many others.

McClure Films has teamed up with Media Giant, and is currently producing high quality Film, and Commercial advertising content, including the Film Festival winning short film Rockstar!

Other top include:  Fox News KTTV,  Los Angeles Magazine, Amgen,, Giselle Fernandez, LeafWing For Professionals,, Altamed, Christian Network, CfaN, Randy Jackson and many more!

McClure Films is known for extraordinary feature documentaries and high quality interview based television productions.

Director Tane McClure along with Director of Photography/Cinematographer Sandy Stenzel are currently developing multiple film projects and scripts.  

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Tane McClure

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