Rockstar - Trailer
Rockstar - SHORT FILM 
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Written and Directed by

Tane McClure


Director of Photography by

Sandy Stenzel



Sandy Stenzel

Tane McClure


Executive Producer

John Lubbers


Creative Consultant

KM Phillips


Edited by

Tane McClure


Original Music by

Tarra Layne


Casting by

Paul Ruddy





Jared................................................Jared Scott

Tarra Layne....................................Tarra Layne

Guitar Player.................Vincent Cole Dutcher

Bass Player.............................Frank Abraham

Drummer.................................Hudson Henry






Sandy Stenzel



Joseph Petkweitz


1st AC

Jacqueline Lehr


2nd AC and DIT

Lesley Elizondo


Camera Crane

Victor Pancerev


Key Grips

Charles Tae

Best Boy

Dustin Weathers



Jaraad Gordon


Grip Electric Swing

Dustin Whethers


First Assitstant Director

Bessy Adut


Art Director

Elise Kerr

Set Decorator

Garrett Leece

2nd Assistant Director

Jaraad Jordan


Key Makeup and Hair

Armee Jacob


HMUA Assistant

Roczane Enriquez


Costume Designer

Paula Gallucci


Audio Engineer

Dan Monahan


Grip and Electric

Light It Up


Key PA

Garrett Leece


Color and Titles

Sandy Stenzel


Featured Extras

Rachel Joost

Kenzie Herman



Dual Sound Stages

SIR Sound Stages



David Karubian

Movie Insure

"Rockstar" - Short Film
A teenager overcomes adversity through his music. His overbearing, unsupportive and constantly arguing parents make life practically unbearable for Jared, but he discovers that truly BELIEVING in oneself is the key to happiness and success. Jared becomes inspired to "dream BIG", realizing that his goal of becoming a RockStar may not be that farfetched after all.
From the

As an independent film director, I feel that often, the most interesting scenes in a film include the unexpected things, the moments that were never actually specifically written in the script.  When an actor takes a beat or two longer to get his emotions or thoughts together while camera is rolling, but the scene has not technically begun.  Sometimes those quiet moments are the most honest and fresh.  He is not “acting”, he is simply “feeling” and building his emotions, and THAT to me is magic on film.  When we see a character literally coming to life.I had that vision in mind for my short film “Rockstar”, our lead actor Jared Scott, barely speaks a single line in the film, but through his eyes and his music we understand him, and we can feel what he is feeling.  “RockStar” is about a teenager who dreams of becoming a rock-star, the challenges he faces in his turbulent home life, and how music makes him feel.  I was lucky to have a very talented DP, Sandy Stenzel, to help capture that emotion on film.  "Rockstar",  reminds us that often we need to believe in ourselves when no one else will, and to not be afraid to dream big!  Directing this short film is close to my heart, since I once walked that exciting yet uneasy path of a rock-star.  (I was a RCA recording artist under the name Tane Cain AKA Tahnee Cain and Tryanglz).“Rockstar” is a film about “courage”, to believe in yourself when no one else seems to!I hope to enlighten and encourage the “ROCKSTAR” in all of us!

Drama Short Film


Winner:  "Award of Excellence"


Winner:  "Award of Excellence" Women Filmmakers


Nominated:  "Best Short Film" (Drama)


Winner: Best Short Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Nominated: Best Editing, Best Director, Best Special FX

DOC - LA Storytella Film Festival

Winner: Best Cinematography, Best Song

Many Festival acceptances.

Director / Producer: Tane McClure

Director of Photography / Producer: Sandy Stenzel