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Storm Clouds
Legend of Mina Harker PosterV2.jpg
Legend of Mina Harker

The books, and movies of the infamous blood sucking beast Dracula are true, as the diaries of those involved have been revealed, in the “Legend of Mina Harker”: the woman who can never grow old. Dracula’s bite and blood still lives in her veins. He returns to claim her again, in the 21st century.  Mina Harker must gather the strength to destroy him again and save the lives of those she loves.

Story by: Tyke Caravelli
Inspired by Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

Screenplay by:
Tyke Caravelli
Tane Mcclure

Tane McClure
Kevin Connor

Kevin Connor (Motel Hell, At the Earth's Core)
Lincoln Lageson
Tane McClure (Séance Games Metaxu)
Tyke Caravelli
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