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Kaitlyn's Chance

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McClure Films


Mysteries grow… legends devour!
Seventy years ago newspaper headlines across the country screamed… SCREEN STAR MIRIAM CALVERT VANISHES WHILE FILMING ON LOCATION!
As rumors abound and secrets multiply…she’s an orphan…she has an illegitimate child…she ran away…she was murdered…a small group of gorilla filmmakers break into the fabled scene of the crime…the now deserted St. Vincent’s Asylum, to solve an urban legend and recreate the final moments of their favorite movie star! In its heyday, St. Vincent’s Asylum Orphanage was a refuge run by the Daughters of Charity. Here,
Miriam Calvert grew into womanhood, sent her infant Cecile into the loving arms of Sister Mary, and years later returns to save the failing institution…only to disappear, in the middle of the night, while filming her greatest triumph and, blasting her safe haven… the only home she ever knew…into oblivion. From that fateful night onward, always after midnight, countless sightings of the revered actress and a little girl are witnessed…and now, a dauntless troupe of thespians, are about to open the vortex of ghosts, demons and the unknown to capture the evidence of one of the great ghost stories of the last century… ST. VINCENT’S ASYLUM.

Lost in the wilderness, Little Tommy’s dream vacation is more than he ever imagined… Eight-year-old Tommy Wilton is going on his dream vacation…a camping trip, to explore the California Gold Country. Packing up a rented Winnebago in Chicago, Mom, Dad and Little Tommy, meet their first real American Indian, a Park Ranger, who fills their heads with local lore. Arriving at their campsite, the three city slickers, in no time flat, manage to…lose their can opener, knife and compass…get bit by mosquitoes, get blisters from trekking around in circles in the forest, and unwittingly bed down with a bear! But soon, they encounter a ghost town, the old mining town of the Park Ranger’s tale and meet up with Elijah, an old prospector who leads them on their ultimate adventure…the rediscovery of the Adelaide Gold Mine…the mother lode of mother lodes. 


Andy Lewis never thought his mom would become his Little League baseball team’s manager… Frankie Lewis has a wonderful life, with two kids, a great husband and a dream job at one of Chicago’s top newspapers, as head sportswriter covering baseball. That is….until her husband suddenly dies, forcing her to take drastic measures and move in with her brother, an ex-major league player, who happens to live in Philadelphia. Leaving her beloved Cubs behind, Frankie takes a job at small newspaper and embarks on a new life, one that will ultimately lead her back to the baseball diamond…this time as manager for the local little league team, run by the meanest man in town.

ORDINARY LIFE - Romantic Fantasy

A journey back to the present… A touching and haunting tale of a woman trapped between life and death…who discovers, that her Ordinary Life, isn’t so ordinary after all! With the help of a strange and ethereal guardian, she ponders the question…what’s really important in life and why do we hold it so dear? “Ordinary Life” is a supernatural love story that combines elements of “Ghost” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” to create a compelling fantasy tale.

ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS - Romantic Comedy

A sensual game of musical a gigolo juggles his dream girls. Nico Cassaneve has it made! Moving from the states to pursue the ‘family profession,’ he is living the life of every red-blooded man on the planet…dating women from all over the world…and getting paid for it! Residing above his Uncle’s café, on the Isle of Capri, he and his best friend Dennis…who runs interference when Nico is overbooked…are having the times of their lives…that is, until Nico espies the woman of his dreams…who just happens to be engaged, setting off a chain of comedic encounters, as
Nico…for the first time…discovers love.

THE FURIES - Supernatural Thriller

Ancient goddesses emerge to exact terrifying justice on earth! “I was walking my dog when this man…I don’t know…anyway, he came running by…screaming he was being attacked by bees…There were no bees on him-I swear on the Holy Bible!...I got up and ran over to him - but when I got there, he was lying dead on the ground…and his whole body was swollen…” Strange killings, accidents, maybe murders, with witnesses, considered to be ‘normal people’ when questioned by the city police force, sound like raving lunatics…spewing out all kinds of hallucinations with…no rhyme, no reason and no answers. The police turn to Irene Core, a paranormal psychologist from a small University, a solitary figure, with an invalid father…who announces the killings are related. She learns, in dreams, the answers to the horrible deeds, and now needs to make someone believe her unearthly story. Swept into the abyss…the more she feels the pain of the victims, the more she yearns for a love of her own, and the more she works
with Detective Alex Stone…she realizes she is falling in love. As the two consummate their affair, Irene’s father dies, opening floodgates, as she remembers her father raped her…killed her mother…and knows it’s her power that turned him into an invalid! You see…it was always her destiny! Irene is, was and always will be The Furies… the Trinity of Justice! And she can’t stop now!

LUSTMORD - Psychological Drama, based on a true story

A glimpse into the twisted logic of a serial killer… The ultimate look inside the mind of a serial killer. The true story is based on the files of homicide
detective, ‘Jigsaw’ St. John, Badge #1 of the Los Angeles Police Department, and his capture and conviction of Bill Bradford.

PORTRAIT OF A DETECTIVE - Based on a true crime story

Detective Smicklas is out to get the felons…before they get him! In 1945, the most famous policemen to ever grace the Windy City, Detective Emil Smicklas, embarks on the case of his life, as seven vicious ex-convicts, just out of Joliet Prison, decide to ply their trade…and knock off all the illegal bookie joints in town… killing anyone who gets in their way. Torn between his intense passion for his work and his devotion to his young wife, he must walk the fine line between humanity and corruption to stop the maniacs before an all out war begins on the mean streets of Chicago.
Referred to as the…“original Sam Spade,” Detective Smicklas is also remembered as…“ the only man the mafia took their hats off to…”

TOWER OF BABBLE - Drama/Thriller
The power of the press…in the information age, with all its glory, power and greed! Television reporter Peter Cochran knows all the angles and is willing to play them to the hilt, to become the most visible man in television news. Caring only about the sensationalism of the story, he is ready,
willing and able to sleep with the devil, to achieve his ultimate pinnacle of success!

MINA HARKER - Drama/Thriller
Haunted by her past, emotional hoarder Mina Harker is forced to choose between love and death. TWILIGHT meets ROSEMARY’S BABY…from Bram Stoker’s point of view. The ultimate story of a woman torn between love and lust, good and evil, life and death, who comes to grips, over the centuries, that she is immortal from Dracula’s initial kiss.

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