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Runtime: 7:30 min. Short Film

Released: 2020

A little lost dog struggles to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. She spends her days trying to be happy-go-lucky as most dogs do, but her life in in danger. Not everyone is kind to her. Cars speed by, barely missing her. Days go by, and she is unable to find enough food to survive. She no longer feels strong enough to beg for food. Will she find just ONE loving human before her time is up? Ultimately, love can be the only answer for this "Hungry Dog".

Written and Directed by: Tane McClure
Executive Producers: Cheryl Tomeo Richardson
and John Lubbers
Producer: Tane McClure
Director of Photography: Scott E. Steele
Original Theme Song "Hungry" by: Dirk Etienne
Film Editor: Tane McClure


Tracey Bregman - as the Voice of the "Dog"
Antonya Molleur - as the "Kind Woman"
Scott E. Steele - as the "Mean Man"
Yonkers - the "Dog"

Art Director: Elise Taylor
Sound Engineer: Betsy Gain
Cinematography by:
Scott E. Steele
Tane McClure
First Assistant Camera: Scott Birnkrant
Gaffer: Barry Conrad
Grip: Steve Robin
Drone Footage: Patrick McDowell
Animal Trainer for "Yonkers": Tanya F. Yarbrough
Animal Trainer: Lisa Brown
Production Assistant: Shaun Skadron

LIFE Animal Rescue
Deity Animal Rescue

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