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Rescue Heart Book Front Cover

In this heartwarming, fast paced love story... Nina, a beautiful Native American woman,
and a rescued fighting dog escape from the clutches of a treacherous drug lord, Their run for freedom, brings them to California, where they meet a handsome big wave surfer with kind eyes and a gentle heart. For a moment, it seems as if Nina has found a second chance at a better life. But her past comes back to haunt her in this gripping story of hope, redemption, retribution and the true meaning of love.

RECOMMENDED READ by Mark Victor Hansen, #1 NYT Best Selling Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul". "Rescue Heart is an instantly inspiring testiment to the power of a dog's love to radically change one's life, written by a wonderful writer with a beautiful sophisticated style.  I smiled through my tears. Bravo."

Based on a feature film screenplay: "A very gripping hook with high stakes.The tension is maintained well throughout. It is very fast-paced and engaging, the (reader) will be engrossed from the start." Coverfly


The dog let out a slight whimper as he scanned all around him.
"He's not here. I promise." Nina tried to comfort him.
Nina could almost see his heart beating through his thick fur.
"He isn't going to find us. Don't worry... It will be ok." Nina told the dog. She attempted to convince herself that was true as well.
Nina and the dog sat silently together for a while regaining their composure. The soothing sound of the ocean waves helped them escape, at least for today, from those terrible thoughts of the bad-man.

She sighed as she contemplated the sand between her toes. Something felt oddly familiar to her, yet in truth, it was unlike anything she had ever seen, or felt before. It was different from the hot dry desert sand from where she was born. The Navajo Nation's poorest reservation. Well, they called it a "reservation", but for her, it had felt like prison. She loved her family. She loved her indigenous roots. God she loved it. She was proud of that part. But on the reservation, there was no running water. Often no electricity. The rest of the world was living and thriving, but for Nina, and her tribe, everything started to seem unobtainable. Savin's dangerously handsome good looks, and end-less supply of drugs and alcohol filled her needs with ease. And then there was his money. Lots of it. Drug money.

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This story was inspired by several actual events combined to build a heart wrenching fast paced dramatic story of an abused Native American woman and the dog she saves from enduring pain and certain death in a dog fighting ring. Cruel dog fighting goes on all around the world and here in the United States and it must be stopped. Native women are murdered more than 10 times the national average. They are going missing at record speed and there isn't enough being done to stop this. We can do better.
For more information, you can research these suggested topics: (The author and publisher have no affiliation with these suggested resources.)
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
Native Hope
And to help rescue dogs and other animals in need:
LIFE Animal Rescue

Rescue Heart Laurels Poster.jpg

The Full Length Feature Film Screenplay is an Award Winner!


Burbank Film Festival - Best Adapted Screenplay 

Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards - Semi Finalist

Marina Del Rey Film Festival - Official Selection


Sunvale Screenplay Awards - Quarter Finalist

Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards - Semi Finalist


Rome International Movie Awards - Best Screenplay April 2022


Vegas Movie Awards April 2022 - Best Feature Script Award of Prestige &

Best Woman Filmmaker Award of Merit


Bridge Fest  April 2022 - Grand Winner Best Screenplay


Hollywood Gold Awards March 2022 - Best Feature Script


Cult Movie International March 2022 - Finalist


Toronto Film and Script Awards April 2022 - Official Selection (Best Un-produced Script)


8 & Halfilm Awards April 2022 - Official Selection

Screenplay Coverage:


American Indian Female Lead - Diverse Cast

“Rescue Me" (working title) has a very gripping hook with high stakes and high tension; the tension is maintained well throughout the script and the writer has a strong understanding of rising action, which drives the script nicely. The script is very fast-paced and engaging, an audience will be engrossed from the start.
The script is also highly representative; featuring a Native American woman as the protagonist of a Drama is unfortunately still a rare occurrence. There is a very real and important place for a script like this in the industry. There are a range of studios who would be interested in Rescue Me.”
“The script works well and is at a high level of professionalism.”
“The firefight is totally cool, exiting, and well written...”
“This is a love story set within the context of redemption and retribution. It is a love story between a woman and a dog. It is a love story between a woman and a man...”
“You are a really good writer...”
“ a Native Person in show business, thanks for writing characters who speak like Americans and not giving them dialogue in some version of Tonto English.”


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Rescue Heart the Fighting Dog

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