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EthanAlmightyPoster Animation.jpg
One Dog... and one kind act...
Changed the world.

Feature Film (In early Pre-Production)


Screenplay by: Tane McClure and Tyke Caravelli 

Based on the true story as told by Jeff Callaway and his dog EthanAlmighty

Director: Tane McClure

Producers: Tane McClure, de de Cox,

Jeff Callaway, Tyke Caravelli


EthanAlmighty - the movie, is the dramatic faith based true story of the courageous dog that survived unspeakable odds and brought an entire town together as they prayed for his recovery.  Every person who heard of this dog, had life changing events for the better, inspired by his strength to live, his forgiveness and heart.   EthanAlmighty... one dog... and one kind act... that saved a town... and changed the world.


EthanAlmighty inspired the state of Kentucky to introduce the Anti-cruelty to Animals Bill to the legislature.  

This is his story and the story of all of those that he inspired and changed for the better.

ABOUT - EthanAlmighty

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